Developing Your Personal Photo

Human beings are visual creatures.  We remember what we see, which is why we’ve all had the experience of meeting someone we knew but being unable to recall their name.  Pictures and images stay with us even when words and information don’t

That’s why your social networking profiles should all include a good photo of yourself.

  • A good photo jogs the memory of people who’ve met you before.
  • A good photo gives your profile a human touch.
  • A good photo makes it more likely that a stranger will want to know you or work with you.
  • A good photo says, “I’m confident, I’m knowledgeable, and I’m good at what I do.”

You’ll need to decide if you want to use the same photo on all social networking sites.  Having the same photo creates consistency and helps you build your brand.  But a photo that is too stuffy on Facebook or too casual on LinkedIn may look out of place.  So if you’re using only one photo, create something that’s business casual but that clearly communicates who you are and what you’re about.

What Makes a Good Personal Photo

  • Your photo should be relatively current, not something taken years ago
  • Use a cropped, centered headshot
  • Don’t include photos of your dog, your children, your home or anything else—save those for your Photo Album
  • Face mostly forward in the shot so people can recognize you
  • Make sure the photo is well-lit to give it a more professional look
  • If you’re using a camera phone, it should be 3 megapixels or better
  • Have someone take the photo for you and/or use cropping tools to get it just right
  • Smile

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