10 Tips for Taking Good Interior Photos

BathroomWhen you list a home, it’s best if you can have a professional take interior photos for the Internet.  If you must take photos yourself, follow these guidelines to get great shots.

  1. Prepare the room by removing clutter.  Empty waste baskets; close the toilet lid; remove papers, shampoo bottles, notes held by refrigerator magnets, and any other personal items.
  2. Turn on all lights and open the blinds.
  3. Rearrange the furniture a little to get a better shot.  Also, feel free to add a bowl of apples or a vase of fresh flowers to give the photo interest.
  4. Use available light.  Don’t use a flash.
  5. Use a tripod.  Without a flash, you’ll need the tripod to steady the camera long enough to get a well-focused picture.  If you don’t have a tripod, set your camera’s auto timer, place the camera on a level surface, and let the camera shoot the picture without you holding it.
  6. Use a wide angle lens.
  7. Never shoot interior photos at night (the windows will appear as dark squares in the walls) but also never take photos when direct sunlight is streaming through the windows.
  8. Shoot on an overcast day if possible; the light will be softer.  Light is also good early in the morning or late in the afternoon.
  9. Vary the shots from room to room to make them interesting.  For example, in one room stand in the corner and take a wide shot.  In another room, hold the camera above your head or stand on a stepstool to shoot from a higher angle.
  10. Do what the pros do and take many different shots of the same room from many different perspectives.  Then select the best photo to publish.

Study design magazines or websites like this one to get ideas that will improve your photos. Also consider taking a home staging course which will help you even if you don’t have to take photos for your clients.


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