8 Electronic Errors that Can Hurt Your Image

  1. electronic errorsHaving a silly e-mail address.   Get rid of “cutebutt”—or at least save it for your closest friends—and get a professional e-mail address that looks and sounds like you mean business.
  2. Not using e-mail.  When you say to a client, “I’ll have to mail you a hardcopy because I don’t use e-mail” you might as well be saying, “I’m hopelessly behind the times.”  Most of today’s buyers and sellers are using the Internet and they expect you to be doing the same.
  3. Not being on Facebook or LinkedInHere again, this communicates that you’re just not with it when it comes to Internet marketing.
  4. Not having a smartphone or some other way to check e-mail on the go.  When clients send you a message, they don’t expect to have to wait until next week to get an answer.
  5. Getting lost on the way to the property.  Between Google Maps and electronic GPS systems, there’s no excuse for not being able to find the home.  If necessary, do a dry run in advance so you’re sure you know how to get there.
  6. Using social networking sites to blatantly advertise yourself or your listings.   It’s OK to let people know what you’re doing, but obvious advertising is a no-no.
  7. E-mailing large files or pictures.  Learn to create documents and optimize photos so they download quickly and don’t clog the recipient’s e-mail inbox.
  8. Sending an e-mail blast to everyone you know.  People like getting e-mail that contains valuable information addressed to them. They hate getting e-mail that’s been mass-mailed to them and a hundred other people.   It reminds them of that meat product that comes in a can!

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