What Agents Can Learn from Twitter Success

Place SettingThe Boston Globe reports about a Cambridge, Massachusetts restauranteur whose wife posted to Twitter in December about the planned opening of her husband’s restaurant.  Jen Deaderick’s December 2nd post merely said: “Tupelo01239 is preparing.”  There were subsequent tweets about planning the menu, finalizing the decor, and putting other finishing touches in place, so that by the time Tupelo opened in April, a buzz had been created.  The place was packed on opening night and easily half of the people who showed up were there because they had heard about the restaurant on Twitter.

I recently blogged about the fact that Twitter is not as dumb as it seems.  As the Boston Globe article points out, Twitter is fast, effective and free; anyone can use it.  So here’s my question:  Is it possible for a creative real estate agent to generate the same kind of excitement about a listing as this chef and his wife did about their restaurant?


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