Why Agents Write Blogs

agent typingThere are dozens of reasons for real estate professionals to write a blog.  Here are a few of them:

  • It can enhance your credibility.
  • It can provide people in your sphere of influence with valuable information.
  • It lets you build a following of people who can become clients.
  • It can position you as an expert with local media who may want to contact you when they need to interview a real estate expert for a story (which creates more publicity for you).
  • It lets you market yourself and your services very inexpensively.
  • It helps you establish and refine your brand.
  • It lets you cast a wider net so that people outside of your immediate market area become aware of you (which can lead to referral business).
  • It encourages discipline and it requires persistence, both of which are necessary for success in real estate.
  • It lets you share more abut yourself, your work habits, your knowledge, etc. than a business card can.
  • It lets you reguarly update your marketing message.
  • It allows comments and feedback so you can know what friends are clients are thinking.
  • It lets you educate (or entertain) your clients.
  • It gives you a creative outlet.
  • It’s fun.

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