How Agents are Using Old Media in New Ways

houseVideo is not new.  What is new is how real estate professionals are realizing its potential and using it to their advantage.  Web 2.0 tools make it inexpensive and relatively easy to create and post a video.

A video you create can be uploaded to YouTube.  Once it’s there, you can link to it or embed it into your blog.  Or, if you prefer, you can include the link in your e-mails and  your Twitter posts.   If it’s tagged properly on YouTube and it’s something people want to see, a certain number of people will find it on their own.

We’ve created links here to several videos to spark your imagination and give you an idea of what can be done.  Each of these could probably be improved upon, but all of them make their point.

  • Gary and Lisa Schoeffler have uploaded a professionally produced piece that serves as their online commercial.
  • Videos can introduce prospective buyers to your home town and show it off as the perfect relocation destination.  That’s how the Christopher Cotto Team portrays Charlotte, North Carolina in this video.
  • And what would YouTube be without humor?  Jim the Realtor (Jim Klinge) has posted dozens of these, but this one is among my favorites.


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