Who Carries a Pager Anymore?

pagerI’m working with an attorney who has come to me highly recommended. He seems to know his stuff, but working with him is like stepping into a time machine. That’s because his technology skills are so 1908s:  he doesn’t use voicemail, he doesn’t use e-mail, and he still carries a pager.

Everything takes a long time when you’re working with 1980s tools.  And every time I have to send him something via snail mail, I wonder why no one has taken the time to show this otherwise very able man how to use a computer.

I also think of all the clients who must choose not to work with him because of his reliance on the old ways of doing things. For example, when he says, “You’ll have to put that in the U.S. mail; I don’t do e-mail,” do they wonder to themselves if he’s really the person they want handling the purchase of their biggest investment?

I was reading recently about a website that allows people to send anonymous letters to their neighbors or co-workers.  If your co-worker talks too loudly on her cell phone or your next door neighbor’s music is too loud, this website will send that person an anonymous letter gently reminding them that they’re offending others.  Maybe someone should arrange to send my attorney one of those letters. Hope they remember to use U.S. mail!


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