Do You Need a Tech Makeover?

overwhelmedHere are 7 surefire signs you need to upgrade your tech skills:

  1. You’re still using the office computer.  There may be a computer in your broker’s office, but you don’t have to use it.  In fact, you’re better off having your own laptop.  On your own computer you can save files, save settings, give presentations in clients’ homes and work easily at home or at the office.
  2. You’re still using a pager.  Cell phones and smartphones work so much better.
  3. You’re carrying around a lot of paper.  Digital technology makes it easy to store and retrieve files without having to carry everything with you.
  4. Clients e-mail you and then they call you.  That’s probably because you’re only checking e-mail once or twice a day.  (Or maybe because you’re not using e-mail at all.)  So many people are using handheld devices and smartphones, that when they don’t get a quick answer to the e-mail they’ve sent, they pick up the phone and call.
  5. You still go to the office to pick up a fax.  It’s easy and inexpensive to arrange to receive faxes in your e-mail inbox.  Services like myFax and eFax let you pick up your faxes wherever you happened to be, saving you a trip to the office.
  6. You still read the paper paper.  Getting your news online gives you access to more information than you can get from your local paper alone.  To become more knowledgeable about the economy and real estate trends nationwide, get in the habit of reading real estate news at online sites such as The New York Times, The Washington Post, Bloomberg, CNN Money, or U.S. News and World Report.
  7. You (or your assistant) spend a great deal of time printing, stuffing, and mailing things to clients and prospects.  There are so many great ways to reach a mass audience that don’t involve printing or mailing anything.   From blogging and using Twitter to permission-based, e-mail marketing like the kind offered by, Rezora, Property Source, or Constant Contact, you have options other than paper.

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