Finding Your Balance

working with computersThere’s a fine line between promoting yourself and being a nuisance.  Jason Falls describes it best in the Social Medial Explorer when he says nobody likes being marketed to.  That’s why the old ways of marketing are falling by the wayside and new social media networks are taking their place.

Big organizations have to be strategic in their use of social media—too much promotion and their communication becomes offensive. (In fact, Falls seems to be suggesting that big organizations should use social media more for listening than for putting out messages.)

In this regard, real estate professionals have an advantage.  When using social media, you’re an individual, and the rules are different for individuals, and celebrities, and small businesses.  That’s because we expect self-employed people and celebrities to promote themselves.

The rules are also different because self-employed individuals are allowed to be individuals; their posts and their social media personae can be a mix of personality and professionalism.  You can show some of yourself and still be about business—and it’s all okay.  Big corporations can’t exactly do that.

So, as you grow in your use of social media, look for the balance.  You don’t want to be like that boring guy at the party who walked up to everyone in the room and handed them a business card in the first five seconds of the conversation.  In that sense, online marketing imitates life; build relationships first and the business will come.


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