Two Ways to Get Internet on the Go

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Not long ago, we wrote about why you should have your own laptop computer.  But having a laptop computer is useless unless you also have a way to get on the Internet when you don’t happen to be at home or in your office.   Without the Internet, your computer is little more than an expensive paperweight that you carry around from place to place.

Fortunately it’s possible to have Internet access for your computer and your other devices wherever you happened to be.  Here are two great tools that let you have Internet anywhere.


First, some background.  It’s possible to use your cell home like a modem.  Anywhere you can get a cell phone signal, you can tether your phone to your computer and use the cell phone’s wireless capabilities to get on the Internet.  Many phones allow you to do this (the Iphone is a notable exception), but the process is clumsy and difficult, and data transmission is slow.

TetherBerry solves many of these problems by offering an inexpensive fix that works with all Blackberrys and all carriers. Download the software from the Tetherberry website, install it on your computer and on your Blackberry and you’re ready to roll.  Right now it only works for Windows computers, but a Mac version is being tested.

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Another great way to stay connected is with the MiFi™.  Offered by Verizon and Sprint, the MiFi™ is a small, battery-powered wireless modem that turns a cell phone signal into a your own personal wi-fi hotspot.  Barely bigger than a credit card, this device can be charged when you’re near a plug, then carried in your purse or pocket to give you a wi-fi signal that goes where you go.  Use it to get on the Internet while you’re out and about without having to search for a wi-fi hotspot.  You can even invite others to get under your wi-fi umbrella as the MiFi™ can accommodate up to five devices at a time.

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