Anti-Virus Software: What to Look For

Computer SecurityBecause Internet criminals are getting smarter all the time, computer users need to find a way to stay one step ahead.  You should never user the Internet without some kind of anti-virus or Internet security software installed.

A good anti-virus package protects you in several ways:

  • The anti-virus part of the package scans your computer files on a regular basis looking for malicious programs that may have come to you from other computers.
  • The package should also include anti-spyware protection to guard against programs that lurk on your computer and keep track of what you’re doing.
  • A firewall is essential to prevent unfriendly content from reaching your computer through your Internet connection, so most basic anti-virus packages include that too.
  • And because new viruses and threats are being unleashed all the time, your software has to stay up to date in order to find them.  Therefore, a basic anti-virus package usually goes out to the Internet on a regular basis to pull in updated virus information.

You can also choose to install a more sophisticated Internet security suite.  An Internet security suite goes beyond the basics and may include a way to:

  • Verify the safety or authenticity of the websites you visit;
  • Remember your passwords and protect your personal data;
  • Protect you from spam;
  • Back up your data.

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