How Agents Are Finding People to Follow on Twitter

Find people to follow using City Tweets

Find people to follow using City Tweets

Twitter baffles many people because they don’t understand how to use it.  If you just log on and start watching the tweets put out by random people, it’ll seem like so much useless—well—twittering.

Twitter enthusiasts know, however, that Twitter can be a great source of useful news and information, if you’re following the right people.   Here are some suggestions of whom to follow and how to find them.

  1. Family and Friends.  Their messages may or may not contain truly valuable information, but hey—it’s fun to keep up with your friends throughout the day.
  2. Your Clients.  Let Twitter review your e-mail contact list and identify which of your contacts has a Twitter account.  Follow current and former clients to get a feel for what they’re thinking about.  Monitor what your clients are saying about their homes, their communities, or the local real estate market.
  3. Your Co-Workers in the Office.   No need to wait for office sales meetings.  Get up-to-the-minute information on new listings and price reductions from the colleagues in your office who tweet.  Also, some office managers and brokers may be using Twitter as a quick way to broadcast office news.
  4. Your Colleagues at Nearby Brokerages.  Build relationships with other agents and stay on top of what they’re saying and doing.  Use it as a source for competitive intelligence.
  5. Movers and Shakers in Your Home Town.  Use sites like CityTweets to discover who’s on Twitter in your area.  Capture the pulse of your community by following people whose posts are thoughtful and interesting.
  6. Agents Who Use Social Media. Learn to use social media better by following agents in or outside of your market who use Twitter well.  Use sites like Just Tweet It to search for Twitter users by profession.
  7. Lenders.  Check with lenders you use to find out if they’re on Twitter.   Lenders often post information about mortgage rates and new loan programs.  They may also offer links to articles that can help you stay current on the mortgage industry.
  8. Attorneys.  Yes, some attorneys even post to Twitter with information that can help you help your clients.
  9. Contractors and Other Professionals. Find painters, movers, home inspectors, staging professionals and others who post to Twitter.  Check their websites for links to their Twitter profiles.
  10. Experts on Technology and Social Media.  Keep abreast of new technology and new ways to use social media by following industry experts.  In November 2008, Darren Rowse identified Ten People All Twitter Beginners Should Follow.  The list is still relevant today.  Follow their Twitter feeds or read their blogs to quickly learn how to master social media.

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