Are You Using an Outdated Browser?

Internet ExplorerIf you’re still using Internet Explorer 6, the answer is yes.

As recently as 2003, Internet Explorer 6 was the web browser to have.  It came bundled with Windows PCs and at one point as many as 95% of people surfing the Internet were using it.

Today, however, Internet Explorer 6 is incompatible with much of the new technology on the Internet.  Programmers struggle to create new applications and useful web features that IE6 can handle.

A growing number of websites and applications can’t be accessed using IE6.  Facebook, for example, requires its users to upgrade to Internet Explorer 8 before creating an account and YouTube has announced that it will stop supporting IE6 (meaning that soon people using IE6 may not be able to access YouTube videos.)  In addition, if you’re still using IE6, you’re at greater risk from Internet threats like viruses and adware.  That’s because newer browsers do a better job of protecting you from today’s sophisticated computer attacks.

In essence, Internet Explorer 6 is out of date, yet a sizeable number of the people using the Internet are still using it. The question is, are you one of them?  Click here to navigate to the October 2009 Teach Yourself Tech lesson to learn how to tell if your browser is up to date and what to do about it.


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