Establish Your Identity with Google Profiles

Google ProfileGoogle Profile lets you establish your identity on Google.  That’s a good thing, of course, when you want people to be able to find you.

Without a Google Profile, when someone googles your name, they might find you, but they might also find others with the same name as you.  That’s what happens, for example when I google my own name.  I’m there, but so is the Saundra Washington who is a minister living in Florida and who does work in the area of grief counseling.

But once I create a Google Profile, it appears at the bottom of the search page any time someone looks for me on Google.  My picture is there accompanied by a snippet of the biographical information I’ve provided.  Google users can click my name to see my full biography along with pictures and links I’ve included.  In other words, they get to see the me that I want them to see.

Example Google ProfileUp to four profiles will appear at one time (presumably the more complete your profile is, the more likely it will appear during a search), but currently so few people are using Google Profiles that, unless you have a very common name, your profile is likely to show.

To get started creating your Google Profile, go to and follow the easy instructions to enter your information.  It only takes a few moments and your profile will start showing up immediately.


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