12 Terrific Topics for Your Real Estate Blog

bloggingAny blogging expert will tell you that one secret to building readership is to be consistent about posting fresh and interesting content.  But sometimes it can be hard to come up with something to write about.  Here are a dozen great ideas that any real estate professional can use as a single blog post or as a recurring blog theme.

  1. Property Listings. Use your blog as a showcase for your listings.
  2. Housing Market Data. Share up-to-date information on home sales, home prices, or market time.  Be creative and post unusual information readers might not easily find elsewhere, like how much home a buyer could get for, say, $300,000 in one neighborhood versus another.
  3. Local Reporter. Report on things that have happened in your town or your neighborhood, like high school games or school board elections.
  4. Clients Say the Darnedest Things. Share stories about things clients have said or done over the years.  Use your anecdotes to help clients understand what they can do to make it easy for you to help them.  (Be sure to change the names and details so former clients can’t recognize themselves in the stories!)
  5. DIY Tips. Are you good with gardening, keeping the lawn green, or fixing things around the house?  Share your secrets in your blog posts.
  6. Personal Reflections. Write about what’s on your mind—but make sure it’s interesting or that it has relevance to your readers.  Endless stories about your kids or your pets may be appealing to your mom, but they aren’t likely to hold the interest of clients or help you build readership.
  7. Photo Montage. Take photos as you go about your day.  Post them on your blog to document the natural beauty of your area, the elegance of the architecture, or the unique character your community.
  8. Big Picture Economics. Post news and information about interest rates, consumer confidence, or cost of living trends.
  9. Local Economics. Monitor economic trends that affect the housing market in your area and post relevant information such as local employment data, changes in personal income or construction of new homes.
  10. Home Decorating/Home Staging Ideas. If you’ve got an eye for design or a specialty in staging, offer quick tips that your readers can put into practice.
  11. Foreclosures and Short Sales. Many people think they want to do a short sale or purchase a foreclosure until they learn what’s involved.  Help troubled homeowners and would-be buyers understand the process.
  12. Mortgage Information. Pass along information from a trusted loan officer or mortgage company about new programs and new products.