Boost Productivity with a Virtual Assistant

virtual assistantAre you sitting on the sidelines when it comes to social networking because you don’t know how to get started or you don’t have the time?

For some agents, social networking activities are a breeze.  They find it easy to post fresh information and keep friends and clients updated  online.  But for others, the prospect of building and maintaining an online presence is daunting, confusing, or just too time consuming.

One solution to building and maintaining an online presence is to hire a virtual assistant (VA).  A virtual assistant is an administrative professional who uses technology and the Internet to stay touch and complete assignments.  The ideal VA works closely with you to handle administrative tasks so you can focus your time on activities that lead directly to producing income.

Successful agents have always had licensed, personal assistants to help them answer questions about properties, show homes, and complete paperwork.   But this new breed of helpers can use technology to help agents do things that don’t require a license.

A VA could build your website, for example, or help you set up your Twitter and Facebook accounts.  He or she could even ghostwrite blog articles for you so that you could devote more of your time to serving your clients or running your brokerage.  And because the Internet makes “telecommuting” so easy, your VA could live in another part of the country or even half way around the world and still be able to offer you assistance.

Virtual assistants can be hired to do just one project for a set fee, or they can be paid an hourly rate to work on an on-going basis.  A growing number of organizations train and certify virtual assistants; the International Virtual Assistant Association, for example, requires its members to abide by a strict code of ethics. You can even find virtual assistants who’ve been specifically trained to work in the real estate industry.

If you’re challenged when it comes to technology or could use the help of someone who knows his or her way around the Internet, consider hiring a virtual assistant.


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