Will Google Replace the MLS?

Google continues its relentless effort to catalog all of the world’s data and make it available to be searched.   Part of that effort involves real estate, as Google continually adds new features to allow consumers to find properties for sale.

For example, did you know that you can do a real estate search on Google Maps?

  1. Click the drop down menu that’s labeled “More” and check the box that says “Real Estate”.
  2. Enter an address or a zip code in the search field.
  3. Refine the search by price, number of bedrooms and number of bedrooms.

The result is a list of properties for sale—certainly not the entire MLS right now but enough to get a consumer started.  And you can be sure Google will add more features as time goes on, and improve the search so it draws from more sources.

Currently the listings on Google show multiple photos, property descriptions, maps, public transit information, and a button that makes it easy to e-mail the listing to someone else. If the property has been listed multiple times, data from each of the listings—including the listing broker, listing agent, and list price—may also show.

It’s interesting to note that properties offered by brokers are shown right along side properties listed on Buy Owner.

So, will Google someday replace the local MLS?


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