Access a Remote Computer with LogMeIn

TechTools Tuesday:  Cool Tools You Can Use

Suppose you’re out with a client and you realize you need a file that’s on your desktop computer at home.  Or maybe you only have your iPhone with you but need to see a document that’s on your laptop back at the office.

LogMeIn lets you access another computer remotely either from a nearby computer or from your iPhone.  You’ll need to set it up in advance by installing the free software on the computer you want to access.  Once that’s done, however, you can access and control that computer via the Internet from any other computer.

The free version of LogMeIn allows you to control the remote computer, open and view any file that’s stored there, and run applications on that computer.  The subscription version lets you drop and drag files between the remote computer and the local one.  It also lets you print a file that’s on the remote computer to a nearby, local printer.  There’s even an iPhone app that lets you access the remote computer from your iPhone.

If you use more than one computer or you often find yourself out of the office needing information that’s on a computer you don’t have with you, you might want to give LogMeIn a try.


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