An In-Dash Computer for Your Car

TechTools Tuesday:  Christmas Wish List

What if you could have a computer in your car?  Just think:  no more running back to the office to print a document.

Available since earlier this year, Ford offers an in-dash computer on some of its truck models. The system features a 4GB computer with a 6.5 inch high-resolution touch screen.  The computer adapts to the extreme high and low temperatures in your car and the touch screen is lit so that it can be used even on the brightest day.

A Garmin navigation system offers turn-by-turn directions with voice prompts and real-time traffic data.  The Sprint Mobile Broadband Network provides high-speed wireless access.  Optional accessories like a wireless keyboard, mouse, and printer add the finishing touches.

Also included is a radio, a CD changer, and hands-free calling.

Currently, it’s only available on Ford Trucks.  But put it on your Christmas wish list.  Someday soon, you may be able to have it on your car.


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