Showcase Your Listings with PowerSites™

TechTools Tuesday: Cool Tools to Sell Homes

PowerSites™ by AgencyLogic lets agents create single property websites which can show any home beautifully.

Easy to create and very affordable, PowerSites™ websites give you flexibility and many great features including:

  • A vanity URL dedicated to just that property
  • Large photos to grab the attention of prospective buyers
  • The ability to upload and caption as many as 100 photos of the property and surrounding community
  • Unlimited text so that you can describe the property in as much detail as you wish
  • Syndication to many of the major real estate search portals so prospective buyers can more easily find your listing

There’s even an optional PowerTalk “click-to-talk” feature that lets prospective buyers place a call to you directly from the property website.

To get an idea of the power of PowerSites™, take a look at how one professional is using it to market a home formerly owned by President and Mrs. Gerald Ford.


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