50 More Topics for Your Real Estate Blog

Several months back, we wrote about 12 Terrific Topics for Your Real Estate Blog. But this is even better: 50 specific ideas.

Fifty-four, actually.  That’s enough to get you through the rest of the year and easily into 2010.  Some may require a bit of research and some will require you to use pseudonyms to protect the privacy of your clients.  But all will help you position yourself as a mover and shaker in your community, and a knowledgeable real estate professional.

  1. Describe how the Internet is changing (or has changed) the real estate industry
  2. Write about how technology is changing how real estate agents work
  3. Review the provisions for the first time home buyers credit and remind your readers to get moving if they want to get in under the wire
  4. Offer a list with links to the best web sites for finding property
  5. Write an article that reviews the best new homeowner websites, like HouseLogic or HomeSpace
  6. Create a step-by-step lesson on how to log in and use the consumer features of your local MLS or your company’s property search website
  7. Offer a list with links to local economic data
  8. Offer your predictions for the 2010 housing market based on what you’ve seen so far
  9. Write about neighborhoods or communities where buyers are finding real estate bargains
  10. Create an article that offers resources for homeowners who need to refinance
  11. Have a loan officer write a guest post
  12. Offer links to useful, need-to-know information for homeowners who are thinking of renting rather than selling
  13. Offer easy or inexpensive home updating ideas for sellers who will be putting their homes on the market this year
  14. Post a list of questions prospective sellers should ask prospective listing agents
  15. Write a down-to-earth article about the realities of selling in today’s market
  16. Describe what to look for when choosing a home inspector
  17. Have a home inspector write a guest post
  18. Describe what to look for when choosing a lender
  19. Post a list of financial documents and personal information prospective buyers will need to assemble in order to be pre-approved for a mortgage
  20. Write an article (or a series of articles) about what buyers can expect when purchasing a foreclosure
  21. Write an article (or a series of articles) about what sellers can expect when doing a short sale
  22. Write an article for homeowners about how to contest a property tax increase
  23. Describe how you help buyers quickly and easily find the perfect home despite the huge inventory
  24. Offer several quick and easy home staging tips
  25. Have a home staging professional write a guest post
  26. Explain why buyers and sellers need a real estate agent (that is, describe what real estate professionals do that they can’t do for themselves)
  27. “10 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Putting Your Home On The Market In This Economy”
  28. Write an article for first-time home buyers telling them what they need to know about owning a condominium
  29. Invite a real estate attorney to write a guest post
  30. Consumers often don’t understand the difference between a real estate sales agent and a real estate broker.  Write a post that explains the difference between these two types of licenses
  31. Write a post about how you use Twitter and how your readers would benefit by following you
  32. Ask a question and poll your readers to get their response
  33. “8 Social Media Tools I Use Each Day and How They Help Me Help You”
  34. Or, “Why I Don’t Use Twitter, Facebook, or Other Social Media”
  35. Tell about a client who sold a home quickly in the past few months and how they were able to accomplish that
  36. Tell about a pair of homeowners at risk who were able to restructure their mortgage and keep their home.
  37. Invite your readers to submit their tips for frugal living in the current economy and write a post which includes the best tips
  38. Create an article with links to green living resources for homeowners
  39. Describe 5 things you do for clients that most other real estate professionals don’t do
  40. Describe 5 things your brokerage does for clients that most other brokerages don’t do
  41. Summarize the conferences you’ve attended, the training you’ve undergone, and the required courses you’ve taken in the past 12 months and how those experiences translate into better service for clients who work with you
  42. Describe the biggest problem a client had in the past year and how you helped that client solve their problem
  43. Share a testimonial sent to you by a client
  44. Write an article about the recent FHA changes and how they will affect buyers in 2010
  45. Write an article to help sellers understand that they don’t determine the selling price of their home, the market does
  46. Lease with option to buy: explain what it is and how it works
  47. Post a story with pictures of an important local event (e.g., the high school team winning a championship)
  48. Write about a person or an organization doing good things in your community
  49. List the “best places” in your community (e.g., the best place to picnic, the best bike path, the best beach, the best place to ice skate, the best place for tobogganing, etc.)
  50. Invite your readers to submit their lists of best places
  51. “25 Free Activities for Families” (or singles, or couples, or seniors)
  52. Write about a local organization in which you’re active and encourage your readers to get involved
  53. Write an article about a special property (e.g., historic landmark, famous former owner, luxury property, etc.) your brokerage is listing
  54. Write a article that reminds your readers of their fair housing rights and includes links to fair housing resources

2 responses to “50 More Topics for Your Real Estate Blog

  1. Saundra Washington

    So happy I could help.

  2. You are an angel. I’ve been brainwashing lately scratching my head for anything that I could think f for a nice topic for my post. This is indeed a jewel. Thanks.

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