Podcasting for Real Estate

If sitting down and writing a blog is not your thing, consider podcasting as an alternative.

A podcast is a special kind of audio file that you create and that your “readers” can download and listen to whenever they like. Typically, podcasts are made to sound like mini radio shows with lead-in theme music and a different topic each week.  Prospective listeners can subscribe to your shows so they never miss out and they can listen on an iPod or simply through their computer speakers.

Podcasts are relatively inexpensive and easy to make.  If you get in the habit of producing and posting them regularly, people will get in the habit of listening, especially if you offer information that’s valuable, informative, and entertaining. Podcasts can position you as the real estate expert in your community, the go-to person when a journalist needs a knowledgeable real estate resource.  They can also help you build a following among prospective buyers and sellers in your area.

To be fair, podcasting is not as exciting a tool as it was a few years ago.  The rise of YouTube, along with iPods and smartphones that can play visual content, have pushed podcasting to the side a little bit.  But it still has its place.

Take a look (or rather have a listen) at how these real estate professionals are using podcasts:


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