Sept 09: Getting Started with Twitter


In this lesson, you’ll learn what Twitter is and how it works.  You’ll also learn how to create a Twitter account so you can get started using this very powerful Internet tool.

Your Assignment:

Create a Twitter account and start sending out “tweets”.

What is Twitter?

Twitter is a microblogging service that lets you post messages to the Internet throughout the day.  You messages must be short (140 characters or less) and can potentially be seen by Internet uses anywhere in the world.

Why is Twitter So Popular?

That’s a difficult question to answer.  Maybe it’s the simplicity of it.  Maybe it’s the creativity required to craft meaningful messages in 140 characters or less.  Maybe it’s that we all want to share our thoughts and actions with the world and Twitter provides the perfect vehicle.

Why You Should Be on Twitter

Twitter lets you market yourself and keep in touch on a regular basis with potentially thousands of friends and followers.  It’s absolutely free and it takes only minutes to get started.  You don’t have to create any brochures; you don’t have to mail anything to anyone.  You just have to be yourself and post short messages on a regular basis that people want to read.

How to Get Started:

Click here to watch a video that will show you how to get started with Twitter.

Your Assignment:

Create a Twitter account and send out some tweets.

  1. Create your own account following the steps in the video above.
  2. Once your account has been created, click on Settings and enter your biographical information.
  3. Also in setting, upload a picture of yourself.
  4. Practice navigating around in Twitter and read tweets sent out by others to get ideas about how to use it.
  5. Get in the habit of sending out regularly messages that are entertaining and that provide others with valuable information.  The following techtools4re posts might give you some ideas: