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How to Market Yourself Using Twitter

Need help getting started with Twitter?  Watch this presentation for ideas on how you can begin to use Twitter for marketing.


The Zen of Twitter Success

Twitter offers an amazing potential to grow your sphere of influence and to engage friends and former clients.  But success on Twitter requires us to do things that are counterintuitive.

Whenever we get involved in anything new, we naturally tend to look for what’s in it for us and how we can benefit personally.  But to be successful on Twitter, you must turn that kind of thinking around.

Here are four “upside down” ways to think about how to use Twitter to grow your business:

  1. Give to GetTwitter works best if you give things away.  The most successful people on Twitter share ideas and information all the time.  People will follow you if they think you have something to offer, so use Twitter to pass along news or tips your followers can use.
  2. Give Credit to Other People. Don’t tweet about yourself. If you really want to get people noticing you, use Twitter to call attention to others.  Respond to other people’s tweets.  Retweet valuable information that someone else has already tweeted and, of course, give them the credit.  Send out tweets that highlight and link to other people’s blog posts.  Use #FollowFriday to herald the work of others.
  3. Pay Attention to Others.  Spend time focusing on your followers—especially those you don’t know.  For example, select one of your followers each day to spotlight.  Visit that person’s website or blog.  Pay attention for the entire day to their Twitter stream.  Write or tweet about something that person is doing.
  4. Cherish Low Numbers. Many people on Twitter are on a mission to get lots of followers.  But having a small number of dedicated followers can be an advantage.  As Caron-Jane Lyon writes in her blog, when she had only 90-something followers, she was able to interact on a more personal level with each of them.  Having a small group allowed her to build alliances and personal friendships with them, something that’s tough to do when your Twitter numbers are large.